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Curriculum Design & Delivery

As a first generation, daughter of immigrants, who was born and raised in San Francisco—Jacqueline not only carries the sacred lived experiences aligned with her life practice and the work she does as a creative, educator, visionary organizer, movement worker, and public health researcher—she has built deep relationships with community leaders, creatives, healers, activists, educators, public health advocates, and policymakers that are for the People.


With a background in psychology, public health, ethnic studies, and education—integrated with Jacqueline's passions and firepower for learning, teaching, mentoring, poetry, multimedia and performing arts, music, culture, storytelling, fashion, and building community—she has developed various curricula that employs critical resistance pedagogy, arts as resistance, community building, and grassroots organizing—anchored in revolutionary love, loving accountability, authentic vulnerability, and communal care. Each curriculum embraces the lived experiences of her students while being mindful of the current sociopolitical climate.

For opportunities of teaching and/or curriculum consultation, design, delivery, and evaluation—please contact Jacqueline. The recent programs she has developed are below, and samples of the syllabi are available upon request.

Community Empowerment Activists (University of San Francisco)


The Community Empowerment Activists (CEA) is a year-long community-engaged learning program that prepares students as visionary organizers and movement workers through critical analysis of systems of oppression and movements of resistance while building deep relationships with community leaders through internship placements at various organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area that are fighting for collective liberation. CEA is reciprocal exchange of study, practice, and application—where students grow skills in base-building, mobilizing, and grassroots organizing. Students learn how to utilize arts as resistance to raise consciousness into action and employ scholarly activist-based research that lifts the voices of those closest to systems of pain to impact policy change. The “rEVOLution is Love” is the foundation of CEA—remembering it is radical love—of self, love for the oppressed, and each other—that drive us to fight for a reimagined just world that lifts Black liberation, human dignity, equity, sovereignty, and Mama Earth. Guest speakers, who are community leaders, activists, artists, healers, and educators—with direct lived experiences to the phenomenon being explored—are embraced into CEA to share their wisdom, heart, and spirit with our students.


Royalty Rising: Telling Your Story & Embracing Your Power to Be Your Greatest Self

Royalty Rising: Telling Your Story & Embracing Your Power to Be Your Greatest Self is community-centered healing and expressive arts program designed for (in)justice-involved and incarcerated youth and transitional age youth. Expressive arts (poetry, acting, music, dance, and other artistic mediums) with an emphasis in poetry are embodied to confront challenges and embrace triumphs, which work to transform pain into power. The works of revolutionaries are examined to enhance knowledge and history of self to promote critical resistance thinking against the oppressor. Artists, educators, healers, activists, public health advocates, and other professionals are introduced to the class, with the goal to uncover the youth’s passions and foster mentorships that nurture their aspirations. Nature, culture, science, and mindfulness practices are embedded into the curriculum to broaden their purview of the world. The core values are rooted in revolutionary love, deep mentorship, autonomy, long-term kinship, and building community. It is the birthright of all youth to do more than survive, but thrive in all aspects of life—assuming their rightful place as royalty.

Recondition Yo’ Mind to Preserve Yo’ Soul &

Protect Yo’ Peace

Recondition Yo’ Mind to Preserve Yo’ Soul & Protect Yo’ Peace is a program designed for (in)justice-involved adults, who are combating issues of anger and aggression. Cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and expressive arts are employed to understand, combat, and resolve the roots and triggers of anger and learn strategies to work through conflict—to know how to effectively respond to aggression—with the goal to promote positive emotional sustainability and life progression.

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